Are you ready to become the Champion of Powur & win a brand new Fisker Ocean?!

Oh, and how about a trip to Mexico while we’re at it?

Introducing the 2022 Summer of Champions

This is your chance to be recognized as one of the top solar professionals in America, win an amazing car, and go on a life-changing journey with top Powur leaders. Let the games begin!

The Prizes

The Schedule

The Powur 2022 Summer of Champions officially begins July 14 and lasts through September 15. You have the rest of the summer to go all out and show the world exactly what you are made of.

The winners of this contest will go down in history as some of the most successful solar professionals in America. Plus, the incomes that will be created will most certainly be legendary. Get ready for an epic adventure to be crowned a top 50 Champion of Powur!

Watch highlights from the 2022 Impact Journey

Work hard.

Play hard.

How to Win

It’s easy. You earn points in 4 ways. The Powur Warriors with the most points win. The breakdown of point values is shown below:

Get one new personal contract

15 points

Get one new Tier 3 contract

5 points

Personally refer a new seller

5 points

Personally refer a new seller who gets one contract

5 points

The Rules

While it is understandable this contest is going to create more excitement to win and reach the greatest heights of success you’ve achieved yet in Powur, it is very important everyone keeps their eye on the prize of what matters. We are only interested in legitimate, sustainable growth as part of any contest or incentive that we run. We do not want poor quality deals which will slow our project management team down, waste precious resources, harm our reputation, and lead to cancellations.

More important than winning is quality, our brand, and setting ourselves up to be the #1 residential solar provider in the world. Here is how we’re going to ensure every consultant stays laser focused on QUALITY projects while you push yourself to win like never before:

  1. There will be a 14-day audit and evaluation period once the contest is over to calculate and validate all contest points. This audit will include the following at a minimum:
    1. Canceled or on hold projects will not count toward your final score.
    2. “On hold” project is defined as customer unresponsive for a period over 7 days, or customers are unable to move forward with the installation.
    3. All contracts must be complete and valid with no missing documentation (“submitted to installer”)  before the end of the contest period.
  2. To be eligible to win, you must maintain NO greater than a 20% cancellation rate from contract signed to installed. All of you leaders who take pride in your work should be shooting for a maximum of a 10% cancellation rate from signed contract to install.
  3. We will be conducting audits on all deal submissions sold by top accounts to make sure the contest is completely fair. We want you to have an extra layer of security so every consultant knows the playing field is totally level. 
  4. To be eligible you must be active and in good standing on the Powur platform with no compliance holds, suspensions, or unresolved inquiries. 

The details on how contest points work: 

  • Personal Contract (15 points) are contracts you submit and close yourself!
  • Tier 3 Contract (5 points) are contracts with a Tier 3 Seller assigned – both the seller and the Tier 3 seller on the project will receive 5 points each. If the seller on the project is a Tier 1 seller, you will receive 10 points and your Tier 3 seller will receive 5 points.
  • Qualifying contracts can come from leads originated by any Powur user (standard seller program or Enterprise user program)
  • Personally Referred Seller (5 points) is someone you personally refer who joins the platform for the first time, completes Tier 1 Powur University certification (and is still active) before the end of the 14-day audit period.
  • Personally Referred Seller with Contract (5 points) is a new Seller who ALSO gets a valid contract. You earn these points one time per new qualifying seller.
  • Personally Referred Sellers includes standard sellers and Enterprise owners but excludes Enterprise seated users

In Closing

We are more excited than ever about the impact, the income, and the difference the Powur community is making in the world. We set out to disrupt the dirty energy industry and solve the biggest challenge facing mankind: climate change. What began as a vision is now quickly becoming one of the most dominant business models across the solar industry. What’s best is that we have only just begun.

The opportunity before each of us is truly beyond our ability to even conceive. We are at the birth of what will be one of the largest and most important industries in the world, and each of us has our chance to shape it, to design it, and to help bring it to its full potential.

We are disruptors, Powur Warriors. Don’t ever forget it. You are not here to play small, you are here to play big. As big as you can dream, and as big as you can ACT. So with that said, set your sights on becoming top 20 in Powur. Set your sights on reaching your full potential, and making this year the most extraordinary you have ever had in prosperity, abundance, and purpose.

I believe in you. I know you are the right one for the giant job of disrupting energy, and now it’s time to show the world what you are made of. Game on, Powur Warrior.

To the top,

Jonathan Budd
Powur Founder / CEO