June 8 to August 31, 2024 

Are you ready for Powur’s biggest competition EVER?

That’s not hyperbole. Summer is heating up, and this contest is your opportunity to grow your business and be rewarded like never before. This is truly the biggest and most lucrative contest Powur has EVER had, and it will go down in history as one of the highest-paying summers we’ve ever had. 

Here’s what you can win!

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And we DO mean EVERYONE…seriously.

There is no cap on the number of winners in this contest. Every single Powur seller has the chance to win and earn big. Your only competition is yourself. 

Not only can you win a brand new Ford Mustang Mach E — one of the latest and most innovative electric vehicles from a trusted legacy brand — but you can also earn your way on a life-changing adventure to build a home with your Powur colleagues for a family in need in Mexico and then go relax and get rewarded in the beautiful Baja valley. By now, you’ve seen the videos and pictures and know what these journeys entail. They are truly life-changing. Do everything you can to make the top 30, and join us in Mexico! 

But … as if that weren’t enough … this year, for the first time EVER, ANYONE in Powur has the opportunity to earn and win big this summer simply by building your business. There are NO LIMITS to the number of winners and the amount you can win in this contest. 


Here’s how it works:

First, earn points. 

You earn points by selling solar. It’s that simple. And because the seller AND the closer are critical to selling solar, we’re rewarding both key activities in this contest: 


Close a deal as a Tier 3 Sales Partner


Personally generate a deal as the lead owner or seller.


Generate and close your own deal

Second, cash in your points for dollars!

The more points you earn, the more they are worth. 

Achieve 12-20 Points

Earn $100 each

Achieve 21-40 Points

Earn $150 each (for ALL your points!)

Achieve 41-60 Points

Earn $200 each (for ALL your points!)

Achieve 41-60 Points

Earn $300 each (for ALL your points!)

That’s it!

Let’s do some quick math.

If you close just four projects on your own, you’ll earn an additional $1,200 once those projects have an approved permit! 

Or, if you self-gen and close more than 20 projects during the contest period, you’ll earn an additional $18,000 or more! We weren’t joking when we said there are NO LIMITS to how much you can earn and NO LIMITS to how many people can earn. Help your teams have their biggest summer in solar ever! 

But that’s not all! Speaking of teams, build your team this summer, help them succeed, and you’ll earn even more! For every NEWLY sponsored personal seller you bring to the Powur platform during the contest period, you’ll earn $250 when their first contract has an approved permit as long as it’s closed by the end of the year!  

The Rules

Let’s face it…Powur sales competitions have always been incredibly exciting and competitive. This one is BY FAR our biggest and most generous competition to date, and we anticipate massive action. While it is understandable that this contest will create more excitement to win and have your biggest summer in solar yet, everyone must keep their eye on the prize of what matters.

We are only interested in legitimate, sustainable growth as part of any contest or incentive that we run. This does not include artificial growth of any kind, contracts that are not clean and compliant, or new team members who are not interested in building with Powur. We will not tolerate “gaming behavior” of any kind. We will not accept poor-quality deals, which, in turn, slow our project management team down, waste precious resources, slow down legitimate deals in the pipeline, harm our reputation, and lead to cancellations. We are only hurting ourselves with this type of behavior. 

Remember, quality, our brand, and setting ourselves up to be the world’s #1 residential solar provider is more important than winning. With that in mind, here is how we are going to ensure every seller stays laser-focused on QUALITY projects while you push yourself to win and earn like never before: 

1. All Powur user types are eligible to win—Powur Sellers, Powur Pro, and Powur Enterprise owners and seated users—except for Powur Enterprises, which have chosen to turn Powur comp off. 

2. To determine the 1st place EV winner and Top 30 Impact Journey winners, there will be a 14-day audit and evaluation period once the contest is over to calculate and validate all contest points. This audit will include the following at a minimum:

    • Canceled or on-hold projects will not count toward your final score.
    • An “on-hold” project is defined as a customer who has been unresponsive for more than seven days or who cannot move forward with the installation.
    • All contracts must be intake completed and valid before the end of the contest period, with no missing documentation (“submitted to installer”).
    • Note that while we will publish leaderboards throughout the contest, including the day following the end of the contest period, these are indicative winners only. 
    • We will announce the final winners at Powur World in September following the completion of the audit period. 

3. To be eligible to win, you must maintain a cancellation rate of no more than 20% from the time the contract is signed to the time it is installed. All of you leaders who take pride in your work should shoot for a maximum of 10% from when the contract is signed to when it is installed.

4. We will conduct audits on all deal submissions, seller enrollments, and any other qualifying activity for the contest to ensure that it is completely fair and up to our standards of sustainable growth. We want you to have an extra layer of security so every consultant knows the playing field is totally level. 

5. Any activity deemed to be gaming activity, non-sustainable, unfair, or illegitimate growth will be modified, adjusted, or removed.

6. You must be active and in good standing on the Powur platform with no compliance holds, suspensions, or unresolved inquiries to be eligible. 

7. To determine the first-place EV winner and the Top 30 Impact Journey winners, in the event of a tie, the tiebreaker for that tier will go to the seller who achieved the qualifying points first. For example, if two people are in first place for a weekly accelerator period with 75 points each, the person who achieved their 75 points earliest would earn first place.

The breakdown of how contest points work: 

  • 1 point: Close a deal as a Tier 3 Sales Partner. These are contracts where any Powur user tags a Tier 3 Seller as a Sales Partner on the deal, and you are the Tier 3 Seller. 
  • 2 points: Personally generate a deal as the lead owner. These are contracts where you have acted as the lead owner to generate and submit the lead (you could be a Tier 1, 2, or 3 seller or an Enterprise Owner) and have tagged the project to a Tier 3 seller to close. 
  • 3 points: Generate and close your own deal. These are contracts you submit and close yourself! 
  • For Enterprise projects with three users on the project (e.g. an Enterprise lead owner, a seller, and a Tier 3 closer), points will be split one point to each user — one point to the lead owner, one point to the seller, and one point to the T3 seller who closes the project. 

How the Team Building Bonus works: 

  • You personally refer a new Powur Seller, Powur Pro, Powur Enterprise, or Powur Seated Seller who joins the platform for the first time during the contest period. 
  • Your new personally referred seller achieves their first contract before midnight PST on December 31, 2024. 
  • Once their first contract reaches the “Permit Approved” stage, you will receive a $250 Team Builder Bonus. 

Cash equivalents: 

  • 1st Place: If you are the car winner and cannot receive your prize for some reason, you will be eligible for a cash equivalent of $39,995. 
  • Top 30: The Impact Journey does not have a cash equivalent, as we would like all winners to join us in Mexico. However, we will try to accommodate extenuating circumstances for sellers who cannot travel internationally for health or other reasons out of your control. In these cases, Powur will offer an alternate local experience in San Diego during the 12 months following the contest. For example, you may be invited to join the Leadership Summit or a Masterclass event in person. 

In Closing

The Powur community is making a bigger impact in the world every day by bringing clean power to new homeowners and freedom to more entrepreneurs. As the industry fluctuates and we face changes – policy changes, process changes, product changes, and changes in the macroeconomic environment – one thing remains constant: our mission. And it’s bigger and better than ever. We are just getting started. Our mission is ambitious, and our challenge is significant. Transitioning the world to a clean energy future requires each of us – individually and as a whole – to play at our absolute best. Every day. Playing, competing, and WINNING as Champions. 

You each have an opportunity this summer to showcase to the world what it means to be a Powur Warrior. Let’s showcase the Powur spirit — dedication, talent, tenacity, competitive spirit, and absolute commitment to the mission and to yourselves. It’s hard to comprehend what we could do as a community if each and every one of us showed up as our highest and best. And that, my friends, is why this contest is structured the way it is. Yes, there’s a 1st place winner. And they will win BIG. Earning not only their Powur Cash but also a stunning electric vehicle. And yes, there’s a Top 30 because we want to celebrate with our top leaders and experience the world with you on a journey as incredible as the Impact Journey. BUT … this contest is not just about the top. It’s about every single one of you playing at YOUR best, beating YOUR records, and smashing YOUR personal earnings and performance goals. And hey, why not WIN BIG when you do so? 

My biggest hope for this competition is that we pay out an absurd amount. Because it means we are furthering our mission. It means we are empowering each of you. And it means YOU are setting yourself up for an even better future. 

Go out and crush it, my friends. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Get in the game. You are not here to play small. You are here to make your mark and to play BIG—as big as you can dream and as big as you can act because there are NO LIMITS to what you can achieve this summer. 

Where are you setting your sights? Dig deep, set your goals, and make your plan to achieve or exceed them. Make this the most extraordinary year you’ve ever had. 


Jonathan Budd

Powur Founder | CEO

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